Thursday, September 27, 2012

Oh, Do You See The Trees?

Hello. Joey has inspired me to write a few songs, and it has been very fun and very challenging. I've always been really good at coming up with chords or riffs and then singing some wordless melody over the top of them. Writing lyrics has always been the hardest for me. Mostly because I don't care what I say; I just want to hear something good. Joey said he would listen to my music without words, but I wanted my songs to mean more. One day, when he was gone in D.C., I was thinking about him. He recently started noticing the trees and how beautiful they are. And how no matter what, the trees are always singing. Always worshipping. Never taking this world for granted. So a wrote about a boy who sees the trees and doesn't want to take this beautiful creation for granted. Do you see the trees?

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