Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Eyes Were Hungry For Some Art

Tonight I really wanted to take pictures and make art, so I took some pictures with my scanner. I got the idea from Kerti Pahk's blog, and she got the idea from another artist. It was a lot of fun...Joe tried taking a picture of me bent over with my head in the scanner, but I was too quick for him! The last picture is a little scary...I promise I'm not a monster.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Nylo-Ball Neclace Tutorial

We are having charming weather this Spring in Wisconsin. It has been sunny and 70 degrees nearly every day.  Everyone is predicting that we will get a huge snow storm at the end of March because Wisconsin will do that to you. I don't think so...I think Spring is here to stay. I know she wants to stay :) Enjoy the pictures and the necklace tutorial. I call it Nylo-Ball Necklace haha! 

You'll need smooth styrofoam balls (or ping pong balls), scissors, thread or yarn, old nylons and some kind of pin or fastener.
Tie a knot in the end of one side of the nylons and drop in a ball (I like to use sheer nylons because it makes smaller knots and it's easier to see the color of the balls through the material).
Do the same to the other leg of the nylons, except use a fewer number of styrofoam balls.
Knot the two pieces together...almost done...
Use thread or yarn to wrap around the ends of the necklace. Stretch the nylons out as you wind the string around. I like to do this because it looks nice and makes your ends a little longer. Then use whatever fastener you like to attach the necklace around your neck :) Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sweet As Sugar On My Lips

Check out my new shirt from Sugarlips Apparel! Have a look at their sugary, sweet website Joey and I had way too much fun taking pictures this week. The quest to get the perfect picture of this shirt took three photo shoots! So I hope you enjoy looking at pictures of me ;) and I hope you enjoy the outfit. 
Here is my shirt! Mariner Strait Top
My lovely husband and photographer